Welders of IG Showcase #1: @ram_nation58

It’s no secret that welders create some amazing creations. To people that don’t weld or fabricate, a good looking bead isn’t appreciated or admired like it is to one of us. Instagram has become a hotbed of welding talent and a community for some of the greatest welders in the world to share projects and great looking welds.

In an attempt to showcase some of our favorite welders on Instagram and show high school students what welders do on a daily basis, we started the #WeldersofIG campaign. Each week, we will choose a welder that excels at their craft and share their work daily on IG with a tribute to them here on Weld.com.

Bob Scout Merit Badge - Cowley College

 The first welder that we showcased was the one and only, Bob Moffatt. Many of you already know Bob from his work with us here at Weld.com, creating educational videos for everyone. On Instagram, Bob is known as @ram_nation58 and shares some amazing weld shots, as well as what goes on in the classroom with his students. The “more-than-occasional” golf shot makes its way in there too.

Weld.com:  When did you know you wanted to be a welder?
Geodesic Fireball
Bob: I knew I wanted to learn welding in high school while working with my dad in the oilfield. He was an independent producer / geologist / petroleum engineer. He had retired from Sun Ray Oil when I was 10 years old and started his own company. My brother-in-law was also a welder and doing very well. They both influenced me in that direction. I continued my education in Drafting and Design.

Weld.com: What type of work have you done in your career as a welder?

Bob: I have been involved in all kinds of structural work (AWS D1.1), pipeline work (API 1104) refinery piping and boiler fabrication (ASME B31.3) in my career. I’ve also been involved in welding supply sales in Northern Oklahoma. My current duties include teaching all common processes on structural and piping materials to code quality standards.

Weld.com: What advice do you have to high school students or anyone looking to enter into a welding career?

Bob: My advice to anyone wanting to enter into this craft: READ! Be prepared to understand mathematics, physics, English communication (written and verbal), chemical elements and basic electricity. Welding is a science and an art. The science is in the classroom, the art is in the welding lab. Be prepared to have a strong work ethic. Be dependable. Be punctual. Be prepared to learn every day. Oh, and watching Weld.com videos will help a bunch!!

Final thought - Learn to function and exist without staring at your cell phone all day!
ram_nation58 - pulse weave